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This is a comment I made on YouTube, but I believe I made several amazing points in it, so I am going to share it here. The context was someone calling me retarded for saying the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U were amazing. They said I should get a PS3 or an Xbox 360, then see if I could still truly call the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U amazing. 

"I have a PS2, it is fucking amazing. I really fucking want a PS3, as that is amazing too. GameCube had some amazing games, I still play my Wii, and it was amazing enough to have a shit ton of fans keep over 80 games online after the internet shutdown (number is still growing), and the Wii U has Mario Maker and Splatoon, which are fucking amazing games.

I am not one of those idiots who gets tied to one company and then can never see any problems in that company or any good things about the other companies.

I want a PS3, PS2 is amazing, I really need a 360 and original Xbox. I own a PS1 and play it, Dreamcast and Genesis are also amazing. Each system has both amazing and shit on it.

Wii was bought by a shit ton of soccer moms and never used again. I saw one for $25 the other day. The Wii had amazing games like Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 though.

GameCube may not have sold well, may be where Nintendo started to lose third party, but it has Luigi's Mansion, Chibi Robo, Smash Bros Melee.

PS3 is amazing, it has games like The Last of Us and Heavy Rain, which are two of the games I want the most. Amazing third party titles like Sonic Unleashed. 

PS2 has Kingdom Hearts and Shadow of the Colossus.

Dreamcast has Sonic Adventure and Jet Set Radio.

Genesis has Sonic 2.

PS1 has Metal Gear Solid.

Xbox has Halo and Jet Set Radio Future.

Even the Atari 2600 has amazing game like Missile Command, Berzerk, and Space Invaders.

Every single game system with amazing games is an amazing system in its own way. Just because it isn't powerful, and isn't the best in its generation. Just because it didn't sell well, or was the very last console a company made before they stopped doing so, these are not reasons the systems aren't amazing. What makes a game system amazing is the games on it. As long as there are great games, who gives a fuck how powerful a system is.

If all I cared about was OH MY GOD IT'S NOT 4K 60FPS VR! I would really be the shittiest person in the world. There is still reason to go back and play game systems that were out dated 30 years ago. It's because the games are fun, and they are still amazing systems. I don't give a fuck what their power is like. All game systems are amazing in their own way, unless they were utter shit like the CDi. Even shit like the CDi can be fun in its own way though."

I feel like I brought up many amazing points in this comment. People are always arguing how some consoles are better than others, or how if it isn't the newest and most powerful, it is utter shit. There is a reason people still play the NES. There is a reason why games that came out 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 years ago are all still played. It doesn't matter how powerful a game system is. Sure, ultra HD and 60fps may be amazing to look at, but it isn't the priority of a game. The main priority of a game is for it to be fun. If it is the best looking game ever, but it isn't fun in any way, what's the point? If the game looks like shit but is fun as fuck to play, you may get annoyed at how it looks, but the main point is still there. The game is fun. 

There is no reason a game or system should be called shit as long as it is fun. Even if it is a bad business decision. Even if it is what kills a company. Even if the game isn't popular at all. Does any of that matter, is the console really shit if it only sold 5 million? What really matters is how fun the games are on the system. This is the reason people still go back and play all these old systems. This is the reason many remakes are being made of old games. 

If the games are enjoyable and fun, there is no reason the system should ever be called shit, and there is no reason someone can't call it an amazing system with amazing games. 
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